The Ballot

What are we voting on?

On September 12, Oklahoma City residents will have the opportunity to create a safer, better Oklahoma City by voting yes on the following bond and sales tax initiatives. By voting YES, you will:

  • Repair and resurface streets:

    Invest $847 million in rebuilding and improving Oklahoma City's streets--the top concern of residents. Repairs include replacing bridges, resurfacing streets, building sidewalks, improving drainage, adding bike lanes and more.

  • Improve public safety:

    Hire 129 more police officers and 57 firefighters to keep Oklahoma City residents safe.

  • Improve quality of life:

    Improve our Oklahoma City by investing in parks and civic / recreational facilities, police and fire stations, libraries, our public transit system, community and economic development programs, and more.

The ballot will include:

  • A 10-year, $967 million general obligation bond package that will fund street repair, public safety, parks and other basic infrastructure needs of the city. See the formal resolution adopted by the City Council with more detail on the bond items. The City's property tax rate will remain the same and will not increase. See a map of proposed bond projects. General obligation bonds are how the City addresses these types of critical needs. The last 10-year GO bond package was passed in 2007.
  • A quarter-cent sales tax that will increase the number of police officers and firefighters in Oklahoma City. The sales tax would be invested in the City’s General Fund. About two thirds of the General Fund goes to public safety services, with the rest paying for other basic services like animal control, parks and transit. The City Council intends to use the funds to pay for hiring 129 additional police officers, and hiring 57 more firefighters to staff two additional fire stations and bring an idled fire engine back into service. The funds would also allow the Council to reverse the cutbacks to other critical services included in recent budgets. The permanent ¼-cent sales tax would add an estimated $26 million per year to the General Fund.
  • A 27-month temporary penny sales tax extension that will further invest in Oklahoma City's streets, repairs and improvements.

The proposals will be listed separately--one for each of the proposed bond projects, one for the 1/4 cent sales tax and one for the temporary sales tax, for a total of 15 items.

Property tax rates will NOT go up to fund the general obligation bond projects, and when both sales tax proposals are approved by voters, Oklahoma City’s total sales tax will be at the rate of 8.625 percent, lower than the state average of 8.86 percent.


Voter Info

The last day to get registered in time to vote for this election is August 18. Find your polling location. Request an absentee ballot (deadline is Sept. 6). Not sure if you live in Oklahoma City limits? Many OKC residents that can vote YES still have street addresses in Yukon, Edmond, Mustang, Moore, Norman and more. Find out if you live in OKC.


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